About AAS


Advantage Allergy Services, LLC was established in 2011 to provide a complete solution to the patient care environment for the testing and treatment of allergic rhinitis.  Our company is dedicated to making a difference with our innovative approach combined with latest technology to the patient care delivery process.

Through our steadfast desire to set ourselves apart we have created a process which encompasses all aspects of treating airborne allergies as well as diagnosing food sensitivities, penicillin allergy, treating insect venom and stinging insect allergies.  Advantage Allergy Services, LLC has established an Asthma Action Control Plan and a monitoring system that includes devices that aid in reducing the incidence of allergy-induced asthmatic episodes.

Statistically, allergies is one of the top contributors to many conditions that results in the hospitalization of patients.  The age group affected spans from adolescence to elderly in our communities.  By extending services to a variety of patient care environments, effective treatment of this condition can minimize exacerbation of allergic rhinitis, therefore decreasing medical costs and ultimately improving the patient’s health.

Did you know that 1 in every 5 people suffer from some type of allergy?  From airborne particles, the foods we consume, penicillin allergy, and certain stinging insects venoms you may be susceptible to symptoms of seasonal and or daily allergies that can range from minimal to severe reactions. Our approach to allergy services bridges any gap or lapse in protocols that primary practitioner or specialist may have since both parties will be using the standard allergist's protocols and services that our Allergist and Faculty Practitioners have published and use in our Allergy Services Module and its components.

Who We Are?

Advantage Allergy Services, LLC was established in 2011 with the goal to offer best practices using our unique system ensuring proven Allergist's methods combined with the latest technology, providing your patients with excellent care. Our dedication and experience allows us to bring you the most advanced and total care of ancillary allergy services.  We offer comprehensive care options and solutions simply by providing the protocols, training, testing and therapies of all available allergy types not just the environmental allergies.  Our services and systems are being used by allergists as well as specialists and primary practitioners.   We stand behind our methods!

What Does Advantage Allergy Services Offer?

We offer a comprehensive allergy module and systems that makes the allergy services much easier to offer by embedding the protocols and safety steps that minimize human error and track every step of the process  Our module covers inventory and purchasing, patient data, testing, mixing, shot clinic, asthma control, reports, surveys, real outcomes, and billing inputs for any Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management Software.  Our module may be interfaced using an HL-7 interface and therefore offering electronic seamless transition of patient information with better than current HPI standards security.

What makes us different?

Our focus on integrity provides us with a time proven track record.  Instead of a “get rich” scheme, AAS Provides an audit-ready database module using allergist's methodology, industry leading technology, and efficacy by our credentialed medical faculty. This difference significantly reduces the medical risks due to errors, billing and financial risks, and denial of claims for reimbursements. AAS provides a scaled approach to solutions that makes us unique. We offer a turn-key Full Service Model or our Application Service Provider Model where we provide training and guidance for your staff to use our module and components for your allergy services.  We also offer the ability to transition from one model to the other in the event you desire so.  AAS has also transitioned failed allergy services from our competitors and kept their allergy services commitments while offering superior and encompassing services to those who would have had to quit receiving allergy treatments otherwise.

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