Environmental Testing And Immunotherapy

Our Environmental Test Panel is regionally designed by our allergist and coordinated with our allergen manufacturer allergists to create our region panels. We choose 48 of the most prominent allergens and 2 controls to make our scratch test panels that coordinate with our allergy module and it's testing components. Our patented ruler, skin testing stickers, color coordinated testing system make testing easier and correct.

Should the patient receive Immunotherapy, our Allergy Module has a very precise compound mixing software that is a step by step audit and barcoded system that allows for very safe and compliant mixing on site that meets every requirement needed to ensure high quality services recorded on our database. Our system takes the guesswork out of the mixing!

Our shot clinic software is very intuitive. Imagine a system that can track individual vial and shot inputs and direct the next appropriate dosing or even stop or reduce the dosing by measuring results and tracking those results.

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