Food Allergy Testing

Our Adult Food Test Panels consist of a scratch test panel that actually is for 80 pound and 8 years old or above for children of size to the elderly needing testing. This panel consists of 58 common foods of nuts, spices, proteins such as meats, dairy, grains, seafood ,vegetables and fruits. 2 controls are used to validate the test.

Our Pediatric Food Test Panel is designed for the smaller framed pediatric patient that is comprised of 28 selected foods from the adult panel and 2 controls. This scratch test panel is designed to safely give the practitioner test results. If warranted the practitioner may order a blood test and that info could be stored on our site for comparison.

Positive test results will be compared to the environmental test to see if there are any cross-reactivities and that information may be used for avoidance and limiting exposure to both food and environmental allergies at the same time.

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