Advantage Allergy offers the following services:

Our advanced Allergy Module with its components is an efficient and effective method of offering allergy services whether we operate a turn-key Full Service Model or we train your dedicated staff to run our Application Service Provider Model. This system works independent of your Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management software and feeds that information manually or automatically through an HL-7 interface. Our system was designed to make the allergy technician’s job easier, more efficient, and safer for your patients.  We built in audits and safety features that allow for higher compliance and regulatory needs. As your allergy services grow with your patient volume, our system tracks all activity and keeps your program in order so you may continue services for the long-term and not a short-term money making scheme.  For whatever reason, should a patient in your care need to transfer or see a specialist such as an allergist, you will be relieved to know that you have provided the right care and that you have not exposed your practice to "less than standards" of care. Our system works in both allergist and non-allergist communities together and not separate!  We coordinate with local allergist to aid in referral of patients that should seek an allergist due to their complexities by using our patient history screening for safety issues.

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