Comprehensive Allergy Testing for Environmental, Food, Penicillin Drug, and Venom


Highly trained licensed clinical staff implements and manages the allergy program, providing minimal interruption to the day-to-day clinic operations


Individual Patient Compounding Immunotherapy for Environmental, and Venom Treatments

Who Are We?

Advantage Allergy Services, LLC was established in 2011 driven by passion of its founders to create a company focused on the patient's health and improving the quality of life.  The standards and best practices adopted by AAS follow guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology and other governing agencies.  As healthcare costs rise year after year, often times the care of the patient suffers while the expense of labor-intensive tasks for medical staff continues to climb.  The high demand for allergy services combined with favorable reimbursements has led to inferior and incompetent ancillary service companies making this situation even worse.  AAS Allergy & Asthma Module and its components was designed to change the poor ancillary services provided.  Advantage Allergy Services' unique software module manages all aspects of your allergy & asthma control program.  Our dedication and experience allows us to bring you the most advanced interface available today.  We offer comprehensive care solutions, which simply plug in to your existing practice and your software.  We provide all the components for your practice protocols, training, testing, and therapies of all allergy types not just environmental and asthma control.   We stand behind our methods!

What Does Advantage Allergy Services Offer?

AAS offers a comprehensive allergy and asthma control software module and component system. Our system helps make managing a complete allergy & asthma services program much easier by offering embedded protocols and safety steps to minimize human error and track every step of the process. Our comprehensive module includes inventory and purchasing, patient data, testing, mixing, shot clinic, asthma control, reports, and billing guidance. AAS has the ability to utilize an HL7 interface to plug into your existing Practice Management and EHR programs. AAS offers a real solution for your practice to provide full services and not the typical ancillary models that have limited success!


What makes us different?

Our focus on integrity provides us with a time proven track record.  Advantage Allergy Services is backed by AAAAI standards, industry-leading software technology, and efficacy guided by our recognized medical faculty.  All the facets of our business's best practices significantly reduce risks in medical, legality, financial, and billing due to human errors and a lack of an encompassing system that can handle all the moving parts of a true allergy & asthma clinic.  AAS provides a scaled approach to solutions that make us unique. We offer either a turn-key Full Service Model or an Application Service Provider Model where we provide training and guidance for your staff to use our module and components for your allergy services.  AAS also offers the ability to transition from one model to the other in the event you desire to do so.  Because of our plug-in concept we are able to simply  and efficiently transition an established allergy program to our platform with little to no downtime.  Say goodbye to that ancillary allergy company that just didn't live up to its promises!

Advantage Allergy Services

Asthma Control

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Environmental Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Our Environmental Test Panel is regionally designed by our allergist and coordinated with our allergen manufacturer allergists to create our region panels.

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Asthma Control During Immunotherapy

A module dedicated to asthmatics for the testing & monitoring of your patients. Asthma Action Plan, Asthma Control Scores, Spirometry Scores, and FeNo Test Scores all stored in one location.  Use the asthma control software to monitors your patient’s asthma during allergy Immunotherapy.

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 Food Allergy Testing

Our Adult Food Test Panel consist of a scratch test panel that actually is for 80 pound and 8 years old or above for children of size to the elderly needing testing.  Our Pedi Food Panel is designed for general testing of food groups or smaller children 

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Penicillin Drug Testing

Only 5% or less of our population is allergic to Penicillin drugs and most of the time your patient will self-identify as allergic to Penicillin.

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Venom Testing & Immunotherapy 

Our test for stinging insects consists of bees, hornets, yellow jackets, wasps, and ants.  With proper testing, you  can diagnose an allergy and determine a treatment plan.  AAS may provide venom Immunotherapy as well.

Advantage Allergy Services

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